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Product Realization Network

Stanford University


The School of Engineering and the Graduate School of Business at Stanford are proud to announce a new organization, dedicated to enriching the manufacturing and product realization for Stanford students through immersive experiences with the manufacturing and design world .  The Product Realization Network is developing a rich network of faculty, staff, industry professionals and community “gurus” to provide a wide array of offerings to students interested in creating products and the organizations that make them possible.


The PRN offers you an enriched Product Realization Education:

1.                  PRN Certificate in Product Creation & Innovative Manufacturing

2.                  PRN Design & Manufacturing Forum seminar (ME396)

3.                  Project course opportunities with dedicated, passionate industry leaders

4.                  Site tours to product realization facilities large, medium & small

5.               A group of engaged, enthusiastic “manufacturing mentors” to assist with projects, coursework or career guidance

6.                  Internships at area product realization companies

7.                  Workshops, roundtables & symposia on topics of interest to design and manufacturing students

8.               Affiliation with GSB Product Design & Manufacturing Club


To join us, send an email to:  prn-info@stanford.edu

Product Realization Network at Stanford University            

(650) 723-9038 



Product Realization Network Community Members include:







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