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Testimonial : 10-09-2011

It was fantastic -- it provided me with a lot of history and context. and also motivated me to become more involved with the core issues.

Testimonial : 10-09-2011

The knowledge I gained and the fervor for service I developed is priceless.  I would attend it again, or even lead one if i had the chance.

Testimonial 451: 07-01-2009

"It was an absolutely fantastic experience- I can't believe how much I learned in just one week! It has inspired me to get more involved in activism and advocacy on campus, and has opened my eyes to exciting career options for after I graduate!"

Testimonial : 10-09-2011

It has opened my eyes to the numerous ways an individual can effect change in a community, no matter what his/her interest.  In particular, it encouraged me to continue to be excited about pursuing a career in healthcare.

Testimonial 5979: 10-20-2009

"The ASB program opened my eyes to injustices of which I had not been previously aware. The exposure to these injustices greatly affected me and made me want to work to correct them in my future. It was an absolutely incredible experience!"

Testimonial : 10-09-2011

It has been one of the most valuable experiences I have ever had.  I got to learn first hand about a field that interests me and I wouldn't have wanted to spend spring break any other way.

Testimonial : 10-09-2011

I see this ASB trip as a long-term investment in Stanford students.  I came back to Stanford physcially tired from not sleeping and being on the go for a week, but completely rejuvenated.  I now feel really excited to go back to my classes, and I have a whole bunch of new role models in public service - not to mention contacts for post-Stanford career opportunities.

Testimonial : 10-09-2011

It taught me a different way to think of social change (particularly in a more practical way) and inspired me to do service and gave me the tools to do so in an effective way.

Testimonial 453: 07-01-2009

"To be able to understand a complex social issue in this way is one of the most rewarding experiences available at Stanford. I am also excited to have found a social issue in which I can work further, and towards which to focus my concentration."

Testimonial : 10-20-2009

"Honestly, one of the most academically enriching, intense, unforgetable experiences I have had at Stanford.  I was blow away by both the leadership & the passion of every student on board, and I feel that we learned from organizations, leaders, and ourselves."

Testimonial : 10-09-2011

The overall ASB experience was lifechanging for me, and it really made me realize the potential I have to create change as a Stanford student with so many opportunities.

Testimonial : 10-09-2011

In one honest word: invaluable.  I have learned much from my trip and will continue to.  My identity itself has shifted because of this trip, as have my life goals and plans.

Testimonial : 10-09-2011

Life-changing -- I now have a much better sense of how I want to shape my future through public service.

Testimonial 5981: 10-20-2009

"It was valuable in that it truly gave me a much better picture of the problem and ways to address it.  It was not simply a week where we helped some people and left feeling good about ourselves, but it was very educational and for those who want to work to address the issue, it really gave a solid understanding of the ways to do so."

Testimonial 5983: 10-20-2009

"We met with more interesting people and had a more intense learning experience in a day than I've had in a quarter in most of my classes. Phenomenal!!!"

Testimonial 449: 07-01-2009

"It was an incredible learning opportunity and extremely enjoyable. I came out of the experience with a much deeper, broader, and integrated understanding of the issues related to the trip, a bunch of great new friendships, and a feeling that I had made a difference by educating myself on critical issues and by using my knowledge to advocate for solutions."