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Environmental History of Latin America

We have the third boletim for the II Simposium on American Environmental History in La Havana, in October 2004. Check in our newsletter. Preparatory meetings in Brazil and Colombia are also detailled in the boletim.

Also, Guillermo Castro Herrera, one of the great supporters of Environmental History in Latin America, is currently managing a newslist for us. If you want to be included, just write him an email at .

A content update is still overdue. We have a huge backlog of books and articles to review, which is great. I will be done. One day.  LAEH now has over 600 references, thanks to the invaluable suggestions from colleagues all over the field. Don't feel shy just because we can't catch up--this is volunteer work--just keep sending them. A larger, more radical revision will have to wait the end of the thesis.

See our page in honor of John Wirth.  John was the main supporter of this project, and he died on June 20th, 2002, in Toronto, Canada. He was also my advisor and a friend. 

The website for the I Symposium on American Environmental History, in Chile, June 2003, is still active. Check it out, with abstracts/reviews of the papers.

In the meanwhile, you may want to check an online book on the environmental history of Chile, by Ernst Hajek and Pablo Camus. Great idea--it will be included soon in the appropriate section.

We have also received several constructive comments on methodology.  For instance, some colleagues noted that we need a better definition for the Environmental History for Latin America, to show how it is different from Historical Geography, a field with much more tradition among Latin Americanists.  In other words, we have to define how to foster interdisciplinarity without losing perspective on what is specific to Environmental History. We STILL hope that at least the existence of this site helps to bring about a productive discussion on the future of this field. As for the very limited purposes of the bibliography, we have included scholarly works that focus on historical change in human-nature interactions, regardless of the actual academic affiliation of authors.

About our sources and the bioregional divisions, please go to Considerations.

Please send us your feedback about readability, important omissions, and reference mistakes (grammar and spelling corrections are also welcome). Praise is good, criticism is better. A very good description for this project was given by Stefania Gallini, from the Universidad Nacional Colombia, Bogotá: "aunque muy heterogénea y a veces demasiado incluyente, la bibliografía de historia ambiental de América Latina más completa."

I hope you find this page useful for your work.  Have fun!

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