August 2006 Archives

Good Luck new Administrative Officers '06-'07

The group has been restructured somewhat, with most committee chairs being selected on an ad-hoc basis. This listing reflects these changes.

  • Co-Chairs: Alejandra López & Francisco Preciado
  • Financial Manager: Jazmin Faccuseh
  • Clerk: Bernard Luis Fraga & Josh Bogus
  • Communications: Amy Bonilla

General MEChA Info

Weekly General Meetings

Mondays, 9:00PM

El Centro Chicano Lounge

MEChA de Stanford is a student organization dedicated to progressive changes for the Chicano/Latino Community here at Stanford and beyond. We are the oldest Chicano/Latino organization on campus, and part of the largest network of progressive Chicanos and Latinos in the country.

La Unión Hace la Fuerza