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The purpose of MEChA de Stanford is to respond to the social, political, cultural, and educational needs of the Chican@/Latin@ community and to promote and publicize these needs to the Stanford Community at large. Founded in 1969 as a response to the discrimination of Chican@s and Latin@s in society, MEChA is now dedicated to fostering cultural awareness, political activism, educational outreach, and a bond of familia in Chican@/Latin@ students. 

Meetings are
weekly in El Centro Chicano y Latino’s Jaime Miranda Lounge. We invite you to visit our meetings and learn about how you can get involved.


MEChA de Stanford is part of a nationwide network of Chican@/Latin@ student organizations in colleges, universities, and high schools which works towards progressive changes in the Chican@/Latin@ community. Our organization strongly believes that a fair and adequate education is a right, not a privilege. Education, we believe, is the key to improving the social and political situation of the Chican@/Latin@ community. Our commitment to these beliefs is exemplified through our efforts and is translated into reality through the many programs that we sponsor and actions we undertake.

The Stanford chapter of MEChA seeks to act on the behalf of the rights of the Chican@/Latin@ community around us, including the rights of immigrants, the working class, campesinos, students, and youth. The Stanford chapter of MEChA also supports cultural events designed not only to celebrate the beauty of the Latin@ community, but also to educate members of our Stanford community on the Chican@/Latin@ experience. We believe that learning and sharing in different cultures is a way to foster a sense of community amongst diverse individuals and nurture an environment of tolerance.

General MEChA Info

Weekly General Meetings

Mondays, 8:30PM

El Centro Chicano y Latino Lounge

MEChA de Stanford is a student organization dedicated to progressive changes for the Chican@/Latin@ Community here at Stanford and beyond. We are the oldest Chican@/Latin@ organization on campus, and part of the largest network of progressive Chican@s and Latin@s in the country.

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