A Model for Evaluating the Regional and Global Effects of GHG Reduction Policies


MERGE quantifies alternative ways of thinking about climate change. The model is sufficiently flexible to explore views on a wide range of contentious issues: costs of abatement, damages of climate change, valuation and discounting.

For papers on the MERGE project, see the Bibliography.

For a cost-free license to MERGE 5.1, contact Richard Richels.  You will need a license in order to run these programs.

To examine the major features of MERGE, see the GAMS code for the CCSP model comparison project.

Principal elements of MERGE 5.1 update:

(1) ten-year intervals from 2000 through the horizon date of 2150;

(2)  followed EMF 21 conventions for baseline emissions of non-CO2 greenhouse gases; also their conventions for abatement of these gases; extrapolated technical progress in abatement post-2010. 

(3) sinks represented as a convex combination of global results from the six afforestation scenarios submitted to EMF. 

(4) benchmarked with U.S Energy Information Agency, International Energy Outlook, 2003.

(5) provided multi-case reporting through GDX (the GAMS data exchange) system. 

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This research is funded by EPRI (formerly known as the Electric Power Research Institute).  The views presented are solely those of the individual authors, and do not necessarily represent the views of EPRI or its members.