Arjun Sivasundar

Current research

Patterns of gene flow in marine systems can be strongly influenced by oceanographic mechanisms. I am examining population substructuring in the barnacle Balanus glandula within and adjacent to the Heceta Bank eddy off the Oregon coast. Previous research has shown that this system alters dispersal patterns of B. glandula larvae along this coast, which are otherwise driven by ocean currents. My work builds on previous years' data sets to examine temporal variation in these patterns.

I am also examining population structure of rockfish and other co-occurring species, such as whitefish and lingcod, along the west coast from Oregon to southern California .


Ph.D. Ecology and Evolution, 2005, Rutgers University

M.S. Biological Sciences, 2000, University of Nebraska , Lincoln

M.S. Ecology, 1996, Pondicherry University

B.Sc. Mathematics, 1993, Loyola College , University of Madras

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