Deborah Johnson
djohns13 at stanford dot edu

B.S. Biology and
B.Mus. Violin Performance, University of Utah, 2012

I am very excited to be part of the Palumbi Lab.  During my six years of undergraduate study I had the opportunity to work in many diverse kinds of labs including: U of U Genomics and DNA Sequencing Core, pathology, biothreat detection (Idaho Technologies Inc.), and classical, environmental and population genetics.  My research organisms have varied from salmonella and B. anthracis, to fruit flies, to southern right whales and their whale lice, and finally to barnacles and corals! My research subjects have included  studying the effects of free radicals on mitochondria, developing biothreat detection systems through development of qPCR and melting technologies, studying the development of fruit fly tracheoles, tracking deaths of southern right whale calves through mitochondrial haplotypes and isotope analysis, and most recently, investigating the population structure and selection pressures on triplicate whale lice species (C. ovalis, C. gracilis, and C. erraticus). 

While at Hopkins Marine Station, I am assisting with an ongoing study of the population dynamics of acorn barnacles, Balanus glandua.   I am also using my time at Hopkins to focus my potential graduate research goals and to investigate the career possibilities in marine biology.

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