Palumbi Lab

Transcriptome contigs: Early transcriptional responses during heat stress in the coral Acropora hyacinthus

Traylor-Knowles N, Rose NH, Sheets EA, and SR Palumbi (in revision)


Acropora hyacinthus transplantation/bleaching experiment

Transcriptomic data from coral samples collected after 5 and 20 hours during exposure to bleaching stress.

Materials and methods can be found in:

Seneca FO, Stephen R. Palumbi (in review) The role of transcriptome resilience in resistance of corals to bleaching. Molecular Ecology.







Symbiodinium Clade C and D transcriptomes:

Transcriptomic contigs from Symbiodinium clades C and D isolated from Acropora hyacinthus colonies, Ofu Island, American Samoa.

Extraction and assembly methods can be found in:

Ladner JT, Barshis DJ, Palumbi SR (in press) Protein evolution in two co-occurring types of Symbiodinium: an exploration into the genetic basis of thermal tolerance in Symbiodinium clade D. BMC Evolutionary Biology.


Additional annotation information for the Symbiodinium assemblies

Acropora hyacinthus transcriptome assembly:

Transcriptomic contigs for Acropora hyacinthus coral colonies from pool 300 (resilient) and pool 400 (sensitive) of the south shore lagoon, Ofu Island, American Samoa, only contigs with BLAST matches against known coral/cnidarian sequences

Linked annotation information for the above coral transcriptome assembly

Extraction, annotation, and assembly methods can be found in:

Barshis DJ, Ladner JT, Oliver TA, Seneca FO, Traylor-Knowles N and Stephen R. Palumbi (in review) A genomic basis for coral resilience to climate change. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.


Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Grant #2629

Coral resilience investigated in the field and via a sea anemone model system. These data appear in Barshis et al (in revision), Ladner et al (in press) and are being simultaneously made available to the National Park Service where the Ofu research center is located.

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