The Extreme Life of the Sea

About the Authors
Stephen Palumbi, Director of Hopkins Marine Station

Anthony Palumbi, son of Stephen, author, writer & blogger

 An Illustrated Lecture on Their BookFree & Open to Public

Thursday May 1st, 2014
Monterey Boat Works
Hopkins Marine Station
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Trailer youtube - 1:31 minutes

Extreme UnShark youtube - Sharks are extreme, but there is a lot more in the ocean that's extreme too.

Extreme - Robot Fish Killer youtube - This efficient process will enhance fisherman's ability to strip the sea of its stocks of edible fish. It's already happening.

 Clown FishReviews & Interviews

"Highlighting the strangest cases in animate sea life, marine ecologist S.R. Palumbi exudes a palpable and contagious sense of delight as he enlists his writer son’s help to fill the “gap in character development” in the story of the ocean’s robust yet fragile ecosystems. // The Palumbis encourage a childlike curiosity by showing us the amazing diversity of life down below, and perhaps our inner children will pester our grownup selves into doing what needs to be done to keep these habitats intact."
-- excerpts from "Publishers Weekly"

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WNPR NEWS - Colin McEnroe show about the sea. Book mentioned at 21 - 38 minutes.
WICN Radio Interview - Tonight on Inquiry we talk about some of the most unique creatures in the oceans . . .
Panarama of Hopkins