Listening to Boris Yeltsin Outside the White House
Outside the Courthouse on the Last Dday of the Trial of the August 1991 Conspirators



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The Conference Logo:
Heron at Take-Off by Andrey Krasulin

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Leonid Sokov, "Let's Fulfill the Plan of Converting the Rouble Into the Dollar
(suggested by Margarita Tupitsyn)

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(A Techo-Pop Parody of Russia's Recent Past)
"This album is for the people who have good
sense of humor", - said Igor Kezlya, - It's irony, of course, but it's not an irony about concrete historical person, but about our past."
(suggested by Gregory Freidin)

(NB: the video file, "mov," is 1.3 MB;
click here for an "avi" version)


mikhailov.JPG (68850 bytes) From Boris Mikhailov, Dissertation portfolio (see Margarita Tupitsyn's "Modern Soviet City: After and Double After"


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Listening to Boris Yeltsin (Outside the White House, Moscow, August 20, 1991)
crowd93.jpg (64920 bytes) Outside the Courthouse on the Last Dday of the Trial of the August 1991 Conspirators (Moscow, September 21, 1993)

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Moscow chic. Russian models parade with the Stalin-era Ukraina Hotel in the background ( Based on a suggestion by Oksana Bulgakova).

(Photo by Mario Testino for W, September 1997 issue)

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The cover of the issue of Itogi devoted to  personal digital communication devices prolifirating in Russia.
The pager screen displays a quote from Eugene Onegin: 18:30 - I've come to the end
Too terrified to reread...
Suggested by Masha Lipman


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