Victor Zaslavsky is currently Professor of Political Sociology at the LUISS (the Free International University for Social Sciences), Rome, Italy. He taught at the University of Leningrad, Memorial University (St John's, Canada), University of Florence, University of Venice, University of California, Berkeley and Stanford University.

His recent publications include:

bulletTogliatti e Stalin. Il Partito comunista italiano e la politica estera sovietica (with E. Agarossi) - the winner of the 1998 "Storia" prize, Italy;
bulletLa Russia senza Soviet, Rome, Ideazione, 1996;
bulletStoria del sistema sovietico: l'ascesa, la stabilita', il crollo, Rome,Nuova Italia Scientifica, 1995;
bulletThe Neo-Stalinist State. Class, Ethnicity, and Consensus in Soviet Society, 2-d ed., Armonk, Sharpe, 1994
bullet"The Soviet System and the Soviet Union: Causes of Collapse", in K. Barkey, M. von Hagen (eds.), After the Empire. Multiethnic Societies and Nation-building, Boulder, Westview Press, 1997;
bullet"Contemporary Russian Society and Its Legacy: The Problem of State-Dependent Workers", in B. Grancelli (ed.), Social Change and Modernization: Lessons from Eastern Europe, New York-Berlin, De Gruyter,
bullet"From Redistribution to Market. Social and Attitudinal Change in Post-Soviet Russia", in G. Lapidus (ed.), The New Russia, Boulder,
bulletWestview Press, 1994;
bullet"Nationalism and Democratic Transition in Postcommunist Societies", in Daedalus 2 (Spring 1992)