Contested Polities 

Religious Disciplines & Structures of Modernity

A special issue edited by Nancy Reynolds and Saba Mahmood

The paper edition has just been published and can be ordered here.

Table of Contents

Saba Mahmood and Nancy Reynolds, Anthropology and History, Stanford University,
Talal Asad, Anthropology, New School for Social Research,
Modern Power and the Reconfiguration of Religious Traditions
Gauri Viswanathan, English and Comparative Literature, Columbia University,
Beyond Orientalism: Syncretism and the Politics of Knowledge
Charles Hirschkind, Anthropology, Johns Hopkins University,
Heresy or Hermeneutics:the Case of Nasr Hamid Abu Zayd
Barbara D. Metcalf,History, University of California at Davis,
Islam and women: the case of the tablighi jama`at
Hilton Obenzinger,Modern Thought and Literature, Stanford University,
In the Shadow of the "god's sun-dial" the construction of american christian zionism and the blackstone memorial
Aron Rodrigue,History, Stanford University,
Difference and tolerance in the ottoman empire: interview by Nancy Reynolds
Joel Beinin,History, Stanford University,
Egyptian jewish identities: communitarianism, nationalisms, nostalgias
Gauri Viswanathan,English and Comparative Literature, Columbia University,
Ethnographic politics and the discourse of origins
Suad Joseph,Anthropology, University of California at Davis,
Searching for baba: personal notes on rights and post-colonialities

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