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Volume 5.2 1997
ISSN 1048-3721
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The editors would like to thank the following individuals: Keith Baker, Paul Brest, Pat Brito, Sue Dambrau, Ron Davies, Susan Dunn, William Egginton, Barry Greenhut, Shandon Lloyd, Gwen Lorraine, Sigrid Müller, Nancy Reynolds, Paul Robinson and Helen Solanum.

We give our very special thanks to Carmen Drabczyk and Bruce Thompson, whose commitment, perseverance and consummate skill were indispensable to the completion of this issue.



Douglas Klusmeyer
Sophie H. Pirie


William Egginton
Peter Gilgen
Abie Hadjitarkhani
Laura Kerr
Bruce Thompson


Carmen Drabczyk


Robert Kunath
David Lazar
David Patton
Anne Rodrick


Michael Gaudio
Emily Shapiro


Pat Brito
Design and Print Services


Ryan Johnson


Frederick Aldama
Phaedra Daley Bell
Richard Benjamin
Brad Buchanan
Jason Camlot
John Eden
Esther Gabara
Michael Gaudio
Amelia Glaser
Ben Kafka
Meta DuEwa Jones

Ryan Johnson
Myong Ju Lee
Laura McGrane
Sanja Perovic
Lise Sedrez
Emily Shapiro
Marcus Zagorski


Shandon Lloyd


Lise Sedrez


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