Volume 6.2: Contents

Bronze statue A from Riace, 460/450 BC. Reggio Calabria, Museo Nazionale. Permission of the Ministero Beni Culturali e Ambientali

The Athlete's Body, Lost and Found
Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht, Ted Leland, Rick Schavone, and  Jeffrey T. Schnapp

Sports/History The Athlete's Body in Ancient Greece
Glenn W. Most

The "Moment of Truth" in Ancient Rome: Honor and Embodiment in a Contest Culture
Carlin A. Barton

The Police and the Pugni: Sport and Social Control in Early-Modern Venice
Robert C. Davis

Inter-relations: Brazilian Soccer and Society
Luiz Costa-Lima

Sports/Appeal Sports, Eros, and Popular Culture
Allen Guttmann

Economic Perspectives on the Athlete's Body
Roger G. Noll

Sons and Warriors Sports/Embodiments
Marķa Rosa Menocal

Where is the Mind when the Body Performs?
Fred Dretske

Body- and Self-Image in College Athletes
Regina C. Casper, M.D. and Ellen Reed

Form and the Athlete's Body
William Egginton

Athletic Genders: Hyberbolic Instance and/or the Overcoming of Sexual Binarism
Judith Butler

The editors would like to thank Brad Buchanan and Margaret Tompkins for their kind assistance, and express our special thanks to John Etchemendy and the Deans of Humanities and Sciences at Stanford for their generous support with this volume.

Cover photo: Barbara Mendelsohn