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Back Issues:

  • Vol.  1.1, untitled (SOLD OUT)
  • Vol.  1, nos.  2 and 3 (single issue), The Powers of Law/The Laws of Power
  • Vol.  2.1, untitled
  • Vol.  2, nos.  2 and 3 (single issue), Encoding the Eye
  • Vol.  3.1, Nation and Culture
  • Vol.  3.2, Music in the Age of Postdisciplinarity
  • Vol.  4.1, "Bridging the Gap": Where Cognitive Science Meets Literary Criticism
  • Vol.  4.2, Constructions of the Mind: Artificial Intelligence and the Humanities  (SOLD OUT)
  • Vol.  5.1, Contested Polities: Religious Disciplines and Structures of Modernity
  • Vol.  5 Supp., The Cultural and Technological Incubations of Fascism (SOLD OUT)
  • Vol.  5.2, Membership, Migration, and Identity: Dilemmas for Liberal Studies
  • Vol.  6.1, Disciplining Literature
  • Vol.  6.2, The Athlete's Body
  • Vol.  7.1, Movements of the Avant-Garde (Forthcoming)
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