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  1. 30ug/ml of chloramphenicol (antibiotic). [Sigma Chemical #C0378, 5g] Make by dissolving 0.03g/liter of sea water. This is not the "best" method, but the easiest. Chloramphenicol is potentially cancer causing, use due care especially when weighing it out. In diluted, liquid form, it is less dangerous. Will work with most sea urchin species.
  2. 100ug/ml of ampicillin, sodium salt (antibiotic). [Sigma Chemical #A0166, 5g] Make by dissolving 0.1g/liter of sea water. Ampicillin works great with some species (L.pictus)and just OK with others(S.purpuratus), but is less toxic than chloramphenicol.
  3. The best method is rather involved. Here is a link to what the boss himself, Dr. Epel, has to say.