5/11/2004 [for use with Internet Explorer only.]

# of trys
# of Females
# of Males

The purpose of this "game" is to illustrate just how difficult it can be at times to insure you get at least one male and one female urchin in order to do your research.

If the counters are not already at zero, press "Reset".
Then press "Spawn" and "New Urchin" until you have at least one male and one female [min. # necessary to do an experiment].

1) How many did it take?
    [hint: write down values from several runs]
2) What is the ratio of males to females in the population?     [hint: spawn 100 urchins]

3) How accurate is your answer and why?
    [Compare to expected value.]
4) What other factors might affect an urchin's ability to spawn?

See also: Season/Species Urchins

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