Welcome to Dick's Slide Show of the Antarctic!

This is a collection of photographs from Richard Zare's trip to Antarctica, which took place in early December, l996. A brief commentary appears at the bottom of each picture that is opened. Enjoy!

American Flag
Amundsen-Scott Entrance
Amundsen-Scott Tunnel
Antarctic Scene 1
Antarctic Scene 2
Antarctic Scene 3
Antarctic Scene 4
Antarctic Scene 5
Antarctic Scene 6
Antarctic Scene 7
City of Christchurch
Club Med
Dry Valley Approach
Ed and the American Flag
Ed and the Flag of Japan
Ed and Helo at Lake Hoare
Emperor Penguin
Four Emperors
Helo and five
Meteorite City
My God what an awful place!
Sinclair and Zare
South Pole (four of us)
South Pole
Three Emperors
Wishing you were here in Meteorite City
Zare and Meteorite City

New Images!

Zare "Finds" a Meteorite!
Zare and a Meteorite (close up)
Zare in cockpit
Zare with High-Energy Neutrino detector