Our Classes

We offer a wide range of fun and engaging fitness classes. From yoga to kickboxing, Zumba to pilates, we have instructors that do it all! Get your sweat on, stretch it out, or get in the groove with us.

We update our class schedule each academic quarter to keep it fresh. Click on any day in the calendar below to see our current schedule, or visit our calendar and bookmark the link (also subscribe to our listserv) to stay up to date on subs and cancellations. Visit our passes page to find out how we do payment.

In order to give you a sense of what you as a participant are getting into, we've added a sweat level rating to our class descriptions. They range from Sweat Level 1 (least sweaty) to Sweat Level 5 (a really tough workout!). All of our classes are meant to be challenging in different ways, but we hope this scale will help you identify the type and intensity of workout that's right for you on any given day. Lower levels indicate a calmer workout, perhaps with more stretches, breaks, and/or discussions of breathing and technique. Higher levels generally indicate sustained cardio work and/or difficult strength training.

Please keep in mind that in all classes you should only do what feels appropriate for your body. Let your instructor know if an exercise hurts, and take breaks as needed.

What to Bring

When you come to class, please bring your pass, receipt from SAME-DAY online purchase, exact change, or check payable to Stanford Aerobics & Yoga; water and/or a towel, if you use them; and comfortable clothing appropriate for the class you are attending. Yoga, pilates, and barre classes do not require shoes; most others require sneakers. Quality, supportive athletic footwear is recommended for all cardio and conditioning classes!

We have dumbbells, resistance tubes and straps, yoga blocks, and step risers for use during class; you are also welcome to bring your own. We have limited yoga mats available on a first-come, first-served basis.