Alison Alison is an AFAA certified instructor and has been teaching aerobics and yoga since 2005. She originally trained at the University of Kansas and also worked an instructor trainer and personal trainer at the University of Notre Dame. In her spare time, Alison runs marathons with her dad, spends hours in the kitchen concocting new recipes, and attempts to make progress on her PhD in French literature. She also speaks Arabic, and some Japanese and German and is always looking to expand, so come by and greet her in any language!
Annie Annie discovered SAY during a stressful year of trying to figure out how to teach freshmen to write research papers. She couldn't believe how much better she felt when she took some time to hang out and sweat with the amazing community at SAY. Now she teaches Pilates, Yoga, and Barre that she hopes will bring joy and energy into people's lives. Outside of Hacienda Commons Annie is working on a doctorate in English, coordinating colloquia at the Stanford Humanities Center, yard-saling, and singing with her band, The Great American Novel.
Anya Anya started teaching for SAY in 2010. Before becoming an instructor, Anya was an eager participant in conditioning and step classes; her passion for exercise was fueled by her passion for baking (all those cheesecakes and macarons add up). When she isn't moonlighting in the kitchen or at the gym, she's a PhD student in Microbiology and Immunology. Her research focuses on how Toxoplasma gondii crosses different biological barriers, and she's happy to tell you all about it at any time (really). Despite being born during a frigid winter of St. Petersburg, Russia, and spending the last 14 years in NYC and Boston, Anya is still a very cheery and happy person.
Brooke Brooke is incredibly excited to be teaching yoga at SAY! She first discovered yoga when a friend brought her to Alison's SAY class during her first year at Stanford. She loves the mental space yoga creates and is excited to share her interpretation of the poses with other practitioners. Brooke is currently working on her PhD in theoretical chemistry and studies protein dynamics. In her spare time, she loves learning foreign languages and going on runs around campus.
Cathy Cathy is an AFAA-certified instructor who loves the physical strength and flexibility as well as the mental grounding and balance that yoga brings to her life. She initially discovered the practice by stumbling upon an Iyengar class as a freshman in college, and has been hooked ever since. Before becoming an instructor, Cathy was a SAY regular. She is now excited to share her interpretations of yoga and Pilates, and strives to help her students reap their many benefits. When she isn't at Hacienda, the gym, or a pool, Cathy is either working on her PhD in Health Policy/Economics or traveling to pretty places with nice hotels and amazing food.
Coby Coby recently transferred to Stanford University from Philadelphia to complete his premedical studies in Human Biology, with interests in neuroscience and health policy. Beginning with ballet at the age of 5, dance has always been an integral part of his life, contributing to his belief that creative expression is a powerful form of medicine. He attributes his ability to convey movement to his experience Israeli folk dancing. He has also danced hip-hop and performed in a number of musicals in high school. He is currently rebuilding the Stanford ballroom team and will be competing both Standard and Latin ballroom around the bay area.
Dannielle Dannielle first discovered SAY as a student during her first year working towards a PhD in chemistry. She had been practicing yoga for a couple years, and she found that the community at SAY helped her acclimate to Stanford as a new grad student and encouraged her to deepen her practice. She still really enjoys attending classes, and she is so excited to now be also teaching classes at SAY. Outside of SAY, she can be found backpacking in the wilderness, cooking with friends, or exploring new music.
Dannielle Deb has taught Hip Hop on the Peninsula for over 20 years and since added Zumba, Group Exercise Fitness Training, and Personal Training to the list. Deb has created and taught private choreography for singer/songwriters, Miss Fitness contestants, choreographed and performed several dance flash mobs, and has choreographed routines for the dance crew she belongs to – PRIME Crew.
Effie Effie has been practicing different styles of yoga since 2004. In August 2010 she graduated from the 2-year UCSD Yoga Teacher's Training Program under the guidance of Arturo Galvez, whose style is based on the teachings of B.K.S. Iyengar.  She then completed a 200-hr training with Dana Rae Pare in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, which is the style that she currently practices and has most extensively studied.  She is fascinated by the balance and stability yoga brings to her life and is excited to share her experience and the benefits of yoga practice with others. Her classes are Ashtanga-inspired but incorporate the elements of postural precision and alignment commonly found in Iyengar classes. When she is not practicing or teaching yoga, you‘ll find Effie in the Biochemistry lab where she is currently a postdoctoral researcher. Other than biomedical science and research, Effie enjoys backpacking trips and adventures in nature where she finds the kind of peace and harmony that she often experiences during the Yoga practice.
Hattie Hattie began teaching yoga in 2011 after completing her 200-hour teacher training under Kelly's mentorship. She is currently enrolled in the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at UCSF. As a yoga student, Hattie loves how yoga helps her feel strong, joyful, and at ease in her body and mind. In her classes at SAY, Hattie aims to share these and the many other benefits of yoga with all participants.
Jackie Jackie started coming to SAY classes soon after arriving at Stanford. She always enjoyed athletic endeavors, including kung fu, running, and rowing. However, her interest in yoga started when Jackie accompanied a friend to a SAY yoga class, and since then she has welcomed yoga into her life. After a few years of practice, Jackie was ready to take the next step in her yoga journey and became an instructor. She was excited by the prospect of helping others challenge themselves both mentally and physically through yoga. In addition to yoga, Jackie is working on her PhD in chemistry (studying the biochemistry of anti-cancer immunity), competing in triathlons with her friends, going to the farmer’s market, and exploring new places by bike.
Katie Katie is a Zumba Instructor from Cleveland, Ohio. During her undergraduate study at Youngstown State University, she had the opportunity to train in ballroom and swing dancing and led the university’s ballroom dance team.  Ballroom dance opened to the door to Zumba, where a passion developed over several years before Katie became a certified Zumba instructor in 2009.  Katie moved to Stanford in 2012, where SAY classes and community kept her company as her husband completed his Masters degree in EE.  Katie is also employed as an Occupational Therapist and in her free time she enjoys hiking and traveling. 
Kelly Kelly is an AFAA-certified group fitness instructor and licensed/certified in Zumba, BollyX, Schwinn cycling, NIA, R.I.P.P.E.D., and RED Warrior. Kelly’s classes focus on the joy of movement and the power of music to uplift and inspire. She hopes you will smile as much as you sweat, and leave class feeling ready to take on the world. Kelly taught her first class for Stanford Aerobics in 2000 as a PhD student in psychology. She is now a lecturer for the Stanford Graduate School of Business and is the author of several popular psychology books, including The Willpower Instinct and The Upside of Stress.
Lisa Lisa has been practicing yoga since 2010 and completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2012. She enjoys physical benefits of yoga including the increased strength and flexibility, as well as the mental benefits of reduced stress and increased focus. She is excited to begin teaching at SAY after frequenting the classes here for years. In addition to yoga, she enjoys playing soccer, traveling and reading. She is starting her PhD in Sociology studying gender in the workplace.
Liza Music is a part of Liza. Before staying home with her littles she was a music teacher and choir director. She currently teaches piano lessons, and she has a hard time sitting still if music is playing. Admitting she has always had to drag herself to the gym, she was delighted when she discovered Zumba and fully embraces its motto of "ditch the workout, join the party." In her classes, Liza aims for her participants to have a great time and a great workout, leaving with confidence and excitement to return. Liza has LOVED her time at Stanford and serves as a CA for Abrams courtyard. She wishes it took longer than 3 years for her husband to earn his law degree!
marily Marily has been a personal trainer since 2000 and has just entered into the group ex world this year. She has always been passionate about fitness and promoting healthy lifestyles, and has worked with a wide range of people from patients in cardiac rehab to the general "wanting to get fit" public. She has her MS in Nutritional Science and is a Registered Dietitian, so she LOVES to answer nutrition questions (seriously!) She is wrapping up her doctorate in Educational Psychology focusing on motivation and health behavior change, or otherwise playing with her nephews and her awesome puppy dog. She wants everyone to be able to build their fitness, develop strength, and achieve their health goals so they can lead active and happy lives.
Mary Mary B. started teaching group exercise classes at SAY while working on her PhD, and now, six years after graduating, she's thrilled to be back! In the meantime Mary opened a restaurant and taught cooking classes, and her passion for food complements the aerobics classes she teaches. Mary enjoys teaching classes with fun, frequently-changing choreography to keep participants engaged. She teaches each move with different options and modifications so participants can choose their own level.
Mary Mary Mark is a hip hop dancer and teacher. She has been dancing and learning for over 10 years, and since 2009 she has taught hip hop to beginner and intermediate students. Over the years, Mary has been part of numerous crews, coordinated a group of 30 talented dancers at the Urban Groove Dance Project, and undertaken training in Vancouver, Montreal, and New York City. Mary’s passion for hip hop is rooted in performing and choreographing: “Sure, hip hop is about being able to break it down on the dance floor, but it is also all about learning and practicing confidence, whether it is in class, on stage, or anywhere else in life.” Come out and have fun learning some awesome moves with Mary Mark.
Michelle Michelle is thrilled to be back teaching at SAY after spending two years living in Germany for dissertation research. Michelle's yoga journey began at the end of college, when a friend recommended the practice as a way of regaining mobility and strength while recovering from a knee injury. Since then, yoga has been a grounding force in Michelle's life. Michelle deepened the spiritual side of her practice by completing her 200-Hour Yoga Teaching Training Certification at Liberation Yoga in Los Angeles in 2015. She also holds AAFA certifications in Practical Yoga and Practical Pilates. Outside the studio, Michelle is finishing her PhD on the history of Turkish migrants in Germany. She loves cooking, teaching, and getting to know her students - so feel free to come say hi and ask questions after class!
Mika Mika began yoga during her senior year of college and found such great relief from shoulder and back aches that she decided to develop a consistent practice. Over time, her calmed body translated into a peaceful mind, so she delved deeper into yoga and completed her RYT-200 hour certification in hatha yoga at Sunstone Yoga. Mika leads a vinyasa flow that challenges the mind and body to reach new limits. Her goal is to use the asana (yoga poses) to touch the mind and spirit and to empower students to find their own expressions of yoga. Mika is a medical student in the Stanford School of Medicine.
Monica Monica is a Dancer & Choreographer from London & NY. She has studied dance since the age of 3 and is trained in various principles, including Tap, Ballet, Modern, Jazz, West African, Hip Hop and Zumba. Since relocating to the Bay Area, Monica has performed in numerous festivals and venues with her funky Modern Dance company, U Dance Electra, including the West Wave Dance Festival, Women on the Way and the Choreoproject at SJSU, where she was nominated a top choreographer to watch! In 2008 she joined forces with SF based Fashioner Designer Joui Tourandot and choreographed and performed in her Deployment in Wonderland fashion show at the Workspace in SF. She is incredibly passionate about Dance and loves teaching. Her classes are fun and known for the diverse mix of music she plays, featuring everything from Pop, Rock, New Wave & everything in between.
Nicole Nicole is a licensed Zumba instructor who incorporates the principles of high-intensity interval training in a total body dance workout. She believes that keeping physically active is beneficial for both the mind and body and that exercising should be fun, so she strives to lead a tough and energetic workout that is also accessible to people of all fitness levels. She found a passion for group fitness classes in her junior year of college and continued to take them while obtaining her BSE and MS in bioengineering. Currently, she is a PhD student in bioengineering and studies the biomechanics and fluid dynamics of jellyfish swimming. In her spare time, she enjoys finding odd fruits and vegetables at the farmers’ market, watching gritty films, and making terrible puns.
Rachel Rachel began her yoga practice in 2015 while completing her undergraduate degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The more her passion for yoga grew, she found that she desired to teach yoga, in part to deepen her practice and in part to share the joy of yoga. Shortly after completing her undergraduate degree in 2018, she completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Madison and moved to Palo Alto to begin the Physics Ph.D. program at Stanford. She now teaches and practices with the SAY and could not be more excited to share in such a wonderful community. With any time not consumed with physics or yoga, you’ll find Rachel experimenting in her kitchen, cheering for the Green Bay Packers, or watching an episode of Friends.
Rishi Rishi has taught many different styles of Yoga in many different places. He has taught children's Yoga to pre-kindergarten through 8th grade students in South Side Chicago, prison Yoga to inmates in the Cook County Jail, and neonatal Yoga for mothers and their newborns in San Francisco. Rishi is a certified Yoga and Children's Yoga instructor, and he has trained in both the United States and in India. Rishi is also a PhD student in Electrical Engineering studying Theoretical Computer Science.
Rona Rona has been doing Zumba, a Latin-based dance fitness program, since 2007, and got licensed as a Zumba instructor in 2011. She now does Zumba almost every day. She loves the music, the exercise and most of all the fun of it, quoting their motto: "Ditch the workout, join the party!" She goes to as many SAY classes as she can and is thrilled to be an instructor. Rona received her MD at UCSF and did a fellowship at NIH before joining the Stanford department of psychiatry in 1998. Since she is part of an academic faculty she will often cite sources or inspirations for the choreography in her class. As a mom she enjoys biking, swimming, and walking the dog with her family.
Sara Sara is a licensed instructor for Zumba fitness and has been teaching aerobics since 2012. Her early dance training in classical ballet inspired her passion for dance. Now, she is happy to share her love of dance through Zumba fitness! Sara leads a high impact Zumba class with hip hop, Latin, and world music dance styles, designed to give you a tough workout that feels like a dance party. Her intention is to give you a fun, energetic, and effective class to help you burn calories, build confidence, and achieve your fitness goals! Whether you are new to dance fitness or a Zumba fitness pro, Sara will make each class a fun and exciting challenge. When she isn’t teaching Zumba, Sara is a medical student in the Stanford School of Medicine.
Stephanie T. Stephanie T. is an ACSM certified personal trainer who loves to teach strength and cardio-focused group exercise classes. She began as a gymnast, but found that powerlifting and rugby both squeezed their way into her life. In college, she trained her rugby teammates at American University in the gym and on the field to improve their athletic performance. She also dragged a lot of her library coworkers to the gym with her so she could show them that everyone has an inner athlete! She's at Stanford working hard on her PhD in Electrical Engineering, but finds that dedicating time each day to fitness helps her with her mental clarity and focus. In her free time, she also enjoys teaching her two cats how to do tricks and making healthy versions of her favorite comfort foods.
Taylor Taylor is a ZUMBA certified instructor and has been teaching for 2 years. She studied at Brigham Young University where she was a member of the spirit squad, Zumba instructor for the Student Wellness program, and graduated with a BS in Psychology. Taylor is currently working on a Masters in Social Work from San Jose State and hopes to become a licensed therapist. In her spare time, Taylor enjoys hiking, crafting, finding new ways to incorporate peanut butter into every meal, and attending Stanford Football games to cheer on her husband.
Tony Tony is a professional fighter. He has been teaching kickboxing for over ten years, and has developed his own style of dynamic striking. He’s competed in MMA, Muay Thai, Boxing, and Jiu-Jitsu. He spends his free time watching fights and dissecting techniques with his wife. He loves kombucha and for some reason just can’t let go of the 90’s. Drop in for a class and get “Saved By The Bell.”