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Stanford Aikido
Stanford Aikido Club

Club Information

The Stanford Aikido Club is open to participation by all Stanford students, faculty, and staff. Aikido has been on campus and under the direction of Sensei Frank Doran since 1972.

Generally, the class is taught with little talking. You are being trained to depend more on your own powers of observation, and less on lengthy explanations, When in doubt, look around and copy as best you can what others are doing. You will find the more experienced members helpful, both during and after class, and they will work at a level that is appropriate and safe for you.

Observe or join anytime (Waiver)

Please feel free to stop by and observe or join in any class. We have beginners, and new members who have trained elsewhere, arriving all throughout the year. If you would like to participate, and you have the time before you arrive, please print and sign our waiver. It will save time just before class for introductions and stretching.


Frank Doran, 7th Dan Shihan, is the Chief Instructor.

The Dojo Cho is Cyndy Hayashi, 7th Dan Shihan. Cyndy is Dai Sempai of Aikido West, Director of the Young People's Program at Aikido West and Administrator for the California Aikido Association. She is also 3rd Dan in Kyudo, Japanese Archery. She has been Doran Sensei's student for over 35 years.

The assistant instructor is John Clark, 6th Dan. John studied under Yamada Sensei in New York for over 12 years, and with Doran Sensei at Aikido West for 23 years. He teaches 7:30-8:30 am classes at Aikido West on Monday and Wednesdays.

All Stanford classes are taught by either Cyndy Hayashi or John Clark. When needed, substitute instructors are used from Stanford Aikido or Aikido West.

Mailing list

All updates are sent to the mailing list, including cancelled classes, special training sessions, and changes to the schedule. It is highly recommended that all club members subscribe to the mailing list. To do so, go the mailman.stanford.edu page for stanford-aikido and follow the instructions. Note that you must be a member of the Stanford community (student, faculty, or staff) to access this interface. If you cannot access the interface, send an email to the list owner: stanford-aikido-owner!NOSPAM!lists.stanford.edu with your request to be added or removed. Just replace the !NOSPAM! with an @ sign.

Training Location

The class meets in the Wrestling Room in the Arillaga Family Sports Center (click here for a map) at 641 Campus Dr., Stanford, CA. Please drop by and observe a class in session. Visitors are always welcome. New members are accepted at any time. It is not necessary to wait until the beginning of a new quarter. Before joining any class for the first time please speak with the instructor.

We encourage you to use the extra time before and after class to stretch, warm up, ask questions, or ask for help from the more experienced members.

Dues Policy

Dues pay for facility rentals, equipment and teaching supplementation. They are due at the beginning of the quarter. Checks should be made payable to "Stanford Aikido."

Undergraduate Students $25 per quarter
Graduate Students $50 per quarter
Stanford Faculty or Staff $105 per quarter
Non-Stanford Affiliated $225 per quarter
Anyone paying monthly dues at Aikido West Free