About Us

Founded at Stanford University in 1998, Alliance Streetdance is a completely student-run hip hop dance team. Our members come from a variety of backgrounds ranging from classical ballet to old school funk, and our different styles and experiences are reflected in our choreography. We have unique style and swag, love storytelling through dance, and push ourselves to provide you with a show you can't get anywhere else!


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Every fall we hold auditions and welcome newbies into our dance family - we love freshmen, grad students, and everyone in between. Like us on Facebook to stay updated on 2018-2019 Auditions and visit us at the Activities Fair at the start of the school year. Email us with any additional questions... or dance memes.


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In addition to performing, we often host workshops for the entire Stanford community. In the past few years, our workshops have featured Sorah Yang, Kyle Limin, Jason Rillera, Paul Ross, Ellen Kim, Gigi Torres, Marc Dizon, Ian Eastwood, and Brittnie Aguilar! The workshops are open to all Stanford students so like us on Facebook for updates!

Annual Show

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At the end of spring quarter, Alliance hosts "Hipnotized," a dance showcase for the Stanford dance community and beyond. We invite a diverse variety of student groups as well as many off-campus performers. Past year themes have included "Paradise", "ASD Junior High", and "Alliance in the Woods." Find us on YouTube for videos!


Alliance has performed for small audiences (freshman dorms and dining halls) as well as for huge audiences (Stanford basketball halftime shows as well as Bay Area television!) We are a performance-based team, dancing because we love it and hope to share that with our community. Below are a couple of our featured videos. For more, check out our YouTube!

Our Team

The community we build within our team means the world to us! From going on cute one-on-one Alliance dates with each other to rolling out to Monday Night Workshops together, we aim to foster a supportive, loving family as we push each other to grow as both dancers and people. We can't wait for you to join the fam!

Audrey Elliott
Jessica Chen
Joan Chen
Stephen Guerrero
Financial Officer

Jeff Woo
Hipnotized Co-Chair
Melissa Loupeda
Hipnotized Co-Chair
Casey Wong
Social Chair
Amanda Cooke

Arianna Tapia
Connie Li
Jeremy Marcelo
Joanna Liu

Jordan Blue
Kevin Lee
Lindy Clute
Lucas Lin

Megan Parker
Mia Kanzawa
Nate Abebe
Sabrina Medler

Sarah Ludington
Stephanie Chao
Stephanie Niu
Sydney Maly

Get In Touch

Send us an email at alliancestreetdance@gmail.com and follow our social media!