SAC Instructors Qualifications

Table of SAC Rock Classes and Instructor experience requirements for each.

Rock Class # years climbing # total anchors (all types) constructed # toprope anchors constructed # of trad leads # of multipitch climbs comfortable trad leading level
Beginner/Intro (toproping) 20 6+
Anchors I - Trees, Rocks, Bolts (toprope anchors) 30+ 15
Anchors II - Gear Anchors and Intro to Multipitch Following 50 10/30 0/10 5.6 (or higher)
Lead Climbing > 1 50 15 5.7 (or higher)
Note: for Anchors II, the lower numbers for # of trad leads and # of multipitch climbs are for instructors evaluating anchors only. The higher numbers are for instructors leading students on (multipitch) climbs.

Requirements for SAC Trip Leaders

  • has instructed on a SAC trip
  • has instructed tshi curriculum / skill set before
  • meets instructor requirements for this trip
  • Wilderness First Aid (WFA) certification encouranged
  • approved by SAC president

    Responsibilities of Trip Leader:

  • Announce trip
  • Check Instructor qualifications
  • Organize/run classroom session(s), if any
  • Collect waiver forms from participants
  • Supervise trip