Yosemite - Saturday 4/16

Who went?
nameleadfollowcar/capacitypreferred daysmisc.
Clint Cummins5.10+5.11yes/4Fri.pm-Sat.pmNat'l Parks Pass, ropes, gear
Steph Abegg5.75.8-5.9noFri.pm-Sat.pm
Niloy Mitra-5.8yes/4Fri.pm-Sat.pmNat'l Parks Pass
Charles-Henri Gros-5.9noFri.pm-Sat.pm(pick up in Mountain View)
Sam Chang5.75.10-yes/4Fri.pm-Sat.pmrope, gear
Jonathan Stocking5.75.10yes/4Fri.pm-Sat.pmNat'l Parks Pass
Dave Press5.55.9yes/fullSat.am-Sun.pmmeeting us at 11:30am
Johan Hvenmark5.105.10yes/3Fri.pm-Sun.pmNat'l Parks Pass, rope, gear
Charlotte Holgersson-5.7same as JohanFri.pm-Sun.pmdriving up w/ Johan

We climbed at Knob Hill and Church Bowl. Got quite a few pitches in! Trip report and photos coming soon.