Stanford Alpine Club Membership
Membership Benefits

  • Printed copy of the Stanford Alpine Journal (it's going to be good!)
  • 1/2 off on basic gear rental (shoes, harness, etc)
  • Access to club gear rental at the appropriate more advanced skill level for personal trips.
  • Access to the guidebook, etc. library.
  • Discounts on instructional trips. (often half off or more)
  • Member trips, including occasional club rented sites in Yosemite, etc.
  • Free admission to any in-town fee events (guest slideshows by famous folks, etc)
  • SAC e-mail list
  • Large comunity of active climbers.

    Skill Requirements

    Membership in the Alpine Club requires demonstrating competence with basic safety skills (belaying and rappelling). These skills are taught by the Alpine Club on a fairly regular basis in the Beginner Instructional Trips. Check the Event Calendar to see when the next instructional trip is scheduled. You can see exactly what skills are required on the Rock Skills Checkoff Form.

    Membership Dues

    Alpine Club dues are paid on an annual basis and are good through the start of the following academic year. The cost is reduced each quarter to allow new members to join toward the end of an academic year without being forced to pay an entire year's worth of dues:

  • Paid during fall quarter: $25
  • Paid during winter quarter: $20
  • Paid during spring/summer quarters: $15

    Discounted dues are available for Alpine Club Officers, Alpine Club instructional trip leaders, and intructors/leaders from other outdoor organizations (OEP, Redwood, etc.). There is also a special rate of $10/year for members who are only interested in receiving a copy of the Stanford Alpine Journal and participating in the social events in town. Dues can be completely waived in the event that they will cause a substantial financial hardship for the member.

    Where The Money Goes

  • Maintain and purchase new gear and guidebooks
  • Pay the printing costs of the Journal
  • Pay campsite fees for official group trips
  • Subsidize leader First Aid training
  • Administrative photocopies, etc.

    Email Lists

  • alpine-club@lists
    This e-mail list is restricted to SAC members only, and is used to find climbing partners within the group that are guaranteed to be checked off by the club on basic climbing safety skills.
  • climbing@lists
    is open to anyone. All general Alpine Club announcements (weekly slideshows, classes, informal trips) are posted to it. To subscribe or unsubscribe, visit the mailman page:
  • sacleaders@lists
    is for SAC instructors - used for planning instructional trips.
  • sac-alumni@lists
    is for folks who are not active SAC members but would like to receive announcements of major slideshows and events, and the SAC journal (call for submissions and publication).
  • 50s/60s/70s SAC alumni list
    is used to announce reunions and events. Contact Irene Beardsley at the above URL to join. Exhibit on SAC history

  • Stanford Alpine Club group on Facebook

    At the introductory meeting (10/2/06 for fall quarter), people filled in a survey which covered climbing experience and classes + informal trips people were interested in. If you missed the intro meeting, you can fill in the survey now (copy the text from the survey above, and email your responses to Clint (
    If you have completed the 2006 survey, you can view the survey responses. (This is protected with a password, so that it is not available to the general public or to search engines).
    We also have the 2005 survey responses.

    Stanford Alpine Club VSO Constitution

    Constitution (PDF)