May 2004 SAC Lead Backcountry Workshop - Lover's Leap

Andrew mock leads Harvey Wallbanger Left 5.6
Dan leads Joe & Logan on The Line p2 5.8
Lover's Leap - East Wall
Angel placing a belay anchor @ start of Deception p1 5.3
Angel testing lead pro on Deception p1
Angel belays Polly on Deception p1
Polly belays Andrew on Deception p1
Dustin placing the second cam on Manic Depressive p1 5.5
Dustin's belay anchor atop Manic Depressive p1
      (he's about to start the next lead)
Dustin tops out on Manic Direct 5.5
Andrew, Polly and Angel at a belay ledge on Deception 5.6
Dustin belays atop Deception p1 5.3
Dustin on Deception, extending p1
Dustin leading the start of Deception p2 5.6
Steph pulling the final roof on Harvey Wallbanger Right 5.7