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Our research is broadly in the area of integrated circuits and systems and electromagnetic interfaces. I am interested in design of “end-to-end” electronic systems/devices. Exploratory study and physical design of systems for biomedical applications is an important part of my research. Topics include:

Bio-Medical Applications

  • Microwave/millimeter-wave imaging.
  • Physics of medical imaging.
  • Biomedical sensors and actuators.

Electromagnetic Interfaces

  • Integrated antennas. Co-design of antennas and electronics. Antentronics.
  • Remote sensing, power delivery and RFIDs.

RF/mm-Wave Integrated Circuits and Systems

  • Terahertz generation/detection and high-frequency systems.
  • Wideband systems.
  • Phased-array systems and architectures. Array imagers.
  • Low-power electronics for sensor applications.
  • High-throughput communication systems.
  • Optoelectronics.
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