Updated software to newest build. I rebuilt the MLO(x-load), u-boot, uImage(kernel) and the root file system. One thing I learned the hard way was that when you're updating the u-boot you need to erase the environment variables (nanderase 240000 20000 I think). Otherwise if you are moving to a newer build you might find that it won't boot at all.

I've also updated the nand flash on the device but that didn't seem to work very well, I had problems during the first boot. I'm getting a kernel panic "VFS: Unable to mount ...". Probably an issue with the file system. I'll redo it later but I've found with the most recent builds I don't see "/dev/mtdX" where X={1,2,3,4} (which you need to flash from OE). When I go to flash a new image to nand I'll boot up a stable factory image, I believe those worked fine.

I built a Palmtop and Desktop image with the DSP (Ti) info loaded. So far so good, it looks like it loaded the DSP modules. In the future I'll remake the default u-boot to include the boot parameters to allocate memory for the DSP (tmp/work/overo-angstrom-linux-gnueabi/u-boot-2011.09+r76+gitr0f331e606c80166c1bfe5cac40dfc0616708f31b-r76/git/include/configs/omap3_overo.h).

I have confirmed that the new kernel (2.6.39) does recognize USB cameras. It does detect the Robovero properly. Unfortunately there's an issue with the ethernet port (eth0) on the chestnut with this build. I don't believe it's a u-boot issue because it shows (Net: smc911x-0) during u-boot. Therefore I think it's a kernel issue. It's not a deal breaker right now but when I get around to it I'll do some more testing.

I'm now trying to run the TIVidenc1 stuff within gst-launch and it's not running properly. Apparently linux 2.6.39 isn't compatible with the ti-gstreamer stuff out of the box. Looks like there's a fix (http://gumstix.8.n6.nabble.com/Using-TI-DSP-link-with-3-0-0-kernel-td462...), I'll play around with that later. Don't really want to fall back to 2.6.34 (caspa build) because it doesn't seem to support the Robovero.

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