Now that I've got my attittude EKF running on the Robovero, it's time to get some position estimates as well. To do that I need to have position measurements. While indoors I'll be using our NaturalPoint OptiTrack system as a pseudo GPS measurement. I already had the Simulink block ready to go so adding that in shouldn't have been a problem. However, when I tried to run the code I was never able to receive any information from the OptiTrack system even though my Windows machine could no problem. I came to realize that the multicast data is not enabled by default in the OE kernel (right now using 3.2). I did a "ifconfig" and wlan0 says MULTICAST but that apparently doesn't mean anything. When I ran "netstat -g" I would get only a couple of lines and it saying something about not supporting something. After reading some posts about multicasting on the gumstix I realized I needed to recompile the kernel. Lucky for me I already had my VirtualBox OE (I've since switched to Yocto but the known working kernel 3.2 was built in OE). I followed a few of Scott's suggestions, here and using a very handy post at nabble about why the "bitbake -c menuconfig virtual/kernel" wasn't showing up.  Long story short, got multicasting enabled, re-ran the NatNet streaming block and all is cool.  Now to collect some data, verify attitude EKF data and get position EKF running.

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