Enabling DSP

Well this one wasn't too bad once I had my NFS up and with Scott's help.  I pretty much followed his directions to a T.  I used the caspax kernel which I already had up and running.  I just took his bitbake image dsp-console-image.bb and bitbaked it (after I ran bitbake Last modified Sun, 4 Sep, 2011 at 16:40

NFS Booting

This is definitely a must have for any type of development.  If you're bitbaking an image, saving it to an SD card and then booting off of that ...

Last modified Sun, 4 Sep, 2011 at 16:39

My first kernel

Now that I've got the hardware, I wanted to try build my own kernel and test out the camera.  You may ask "why didn't you use a precompiled image?".  Well the simple answer is that the precompiled images don't have the packages I need. I followed the instructions to use bitbake and setup my environment from gumstix (found here).  Everything was pretty straight forward, was able to get everything up and running.

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Gumstix hardware received

Thanks to Don @ gumstix I just received my first shipment of Overo goodies:

  • Overo Fire
  • Chestnut expansion board
  • Caspa VL board
  • Power supply

A Robovero board and 4.3" LCD should be on the way soon.

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