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Rosenthal, D. E., and M. A. Sherman, "Symbolic Multibody Equations via Kane's Method", Proceedings of the AAS/AIAA Astrodynamics Specialist Conference, Lake Placid, NY, August, 1983.
Rosenthal, D. E., "Order n Formulation for Equations of Motion of Multibody Systems", Proceedings of the Workshop on Multibody Simulation, Pasadena, CA, JPL, pp. 1122-1150, April, 1988.
Rosenthal, D. E., Experiments in Control of Flexible Structures with Uncertain Parameters, , Stanford, CA 94305, Stanford University, March, 1984.
Jr., R. C. H., and D. E. Rosenthal, "Experiments in Control of Flexible Structures with Noncollocated Sensors and Actuators", AIAA Journal of Guidance and Control, vol. 7, no. 5, pp. 546-553, September-Octobe, 1984.