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Conference Paper
Clark, C. M., S. M. Rock, and J. - C. Latombe, "Dynamic Robot Networks for Motion Planning in Multi-Robot Space Systems", Proceedings of the 7th International Sympsium on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Automation in Space, Nara, Japan, iSAIRAS, May, 2003.
Augenstein, S., and S. M. Rock, "Estimating Inertial Position and Current in the Midwater", Proceedings of the OCEANS 2008 MTS/IEEE QUEBEC Conference, Quebec City, Canada, September, 2008.
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Wilson, E., and S. M. Rock, "Experiments in Control of a Free-Flying Space Robot using Fully-Connected Neural Networks", Proceedings of the World Congress on Neural Networks, vol. 3, Portland, OR, pp. 157-162, July, 1993.
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Wang, H. H., S. M. Rock, and M. J. Lee, "Experiments in the Automatic Retrieval of Underwater Objects with an AUV", Proceedings of Oceans '95, San Diego, CA, MTS/IEEE, pp. 366-373, October, 1995.
McLain, T. W., S. M. Rock, and M. J. Lee, "Experiments in the coordination of Underwater Manipulator and Vehicle Control", Proceedings of Oceans '95, San Diego, CA, MTS/IEEE, pp. 1208-1215, October, 1995.
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LeMaster, E. A., M. Matsuoka, and S. M. Rock, "Field Demonstration of a Mars Navigation System Utilizing GPS Pseudolite Transceivers", Proceedings of the 2002 IEEE Position, Location, and Navigation Symposium, Palm Springs, CA, pp. 150-155, April, 2002.
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Bretl, T., S. M. Rock, J. - C. Latombe, B. Kennedy, and H. Aghazarian, "Free-Climbing with a Multi-Use Robot", Proceedings of the 2004 International Symposium on Experimental Robotics, Singapore, June, 2004.
Russakow, J., and S. M. Rock, "Generalized Object Control and Assembly for Space Robots", Proceedings of the ASCE: Robotics for Challenging Environments, Albuquerque, NM, February, 1994.
Stone, J. M., E. A. LeMaster, D. J. Powell, and S. M. Rock, "GPS Pseudolite Transceivers and their Applications", Proceedings of the 1999 Institute of Navigation National Technical Meeting, San Diego, CA, January, 1999.
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Plotnik, A. M., and S. M. Rock, "Improved Estimation of Target Velocity Using Multiple Model Estimation and a Dynamic Bayesian Network for a Robotic Tracker of Ocean Animals", Proceedings of the 12th International Symposium of Robotics Research, San Francisco, CA, October, 2005.
Fleischer, S. D., R. L. Marks, S. M. Rock, and M. J. Lee, "Improved Real-Time Video Mosaicking of the Ocean Floor", Proceedings of the OCEANS 95 Conference, San Diego, CA, MTS/IEEE, pp. 1935-1944, October, 1995.
Plotnik, A. M., and S. M. Rock, "Improving Performance of a Jelly-Tracking Underwater Vehicle Using Recognition of Animal Motion Modes", Proceedings of the Unmanned Untethered Submersible Technology Conference (UUST), Durham, NH, AUSI, August, 2003.
Coste-Maniere, E., H. H. Wang, S. M. Rock, A. Peuch, M. Perrier, V. Rigaud, and M. J. Lee, "Joint Evaluation of Mission Programming for Underwater Robots", Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, Minneapolis, MN, IEEE, pp. 2492-2497, April, 1996.
Barfoot, T. D., C. M. Clark, S. M. Rock, and G. M. T. D'Eleuterio, "Kinematic Path-planning for Formations of Mobile Robots with a Nonholonomic Constraint", Proceedings of the 2002 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, Lausanne, Switzerland, IEEE/RSJ, September, 2002.