Who are the Garinagu or Garífuna peoples? The Garinagu are AfroCaribbean peoples of mixed Amerindian and African descent. They are a resilient people who suffered many historical injustices from the slave trade to exile, and who fiercely resisted 150 years of European imperialism. They are a migratory people who live across the world today. Most of all, the Garinagu are a people with a rich ancestral culture who are fighting to maintain their traditional practices, beliefs, and artistic expressions. Explore the above links and meet many Garífuna peoples from Honduras! Listen as they share their art, culture, and history. Watch as they perform ritual dances, beat sacred African drums, and make traditional yucca bread!

Why study Garífuna art, culture, and history? Did you know that 90-100,000 Garinagu live in the United States? Were you aware that this number nearly equals the Garífuna population in Honduras - the largest concentration in Central America? Therefore, one compelling reason to study the Garífuna heritage is to better understand a growing ethnic group within our own borders! By studying their historical migration and ancestral roots, you can reflect on your own ethnic origins, family history, and cultural tradition. Discover how your ancestors have shaped your customs and beliefs. And learn more about your family's own immigration to the U.S. or the experience of other immigrant groups in your community.