Examine evidence from photographs You will answer questions about what the photographs mean and how to interpret them.

Definition A person who reports the news through photographing people, things, and events in the news.
Questions Select 5 photographs and explain what is going on in them.
Imagine you were the photographer of the image and answer these questions...
  1. How are you interacting with the scene?
  2. Where are you?
  3. How would you feel?
  4. Where were the images originally published?
  5. How are they different than images found in published sources?

Images to Examine.
Begin with the website, The Death of Ben Linder.

Other images

  Ben as a clown during a vaccination campaign in Barrio Riguero, Managua. The announcer urged women to bring their children to the local health center to get vaccinated, 1984
  Ben clowning during a Sandinista demonstration in Managua, October, 1983
  Ben Linder with children in Barrio Riguero, Managua, Nicaragua, 1983
  Ben picking cotton in Chinandega, Nicaragua, 1984
  Townspeople surround dead Contras in La Trinidad, Nicaragua, after the Contras attacked the town on August 1, 1985
  Clifford Brown, Ben Linder, Oscar Daniel Blandón, and others eating dinner in the brick bungalow at the hydroplant. El Cuá, 1987.
  Ben with Oscar Blandón, measuring a stream outside El Cuá, 1986.
  Main Street, El Cuá, 1987, during an army offensive. Sandinista soldiers gather under a banner calling on the Contras to give themselves up under a government-sponsored amnesty plan. The banner reads "Take amnesty, your family is waiting for you at home. Lay down your weapons."
  Two women carrying a casket containing the remains of a child. July 4, 1986 in San José de Bocay, Nicaragua.