About The Stanford Summit

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What does it take to become successful?

The mission of The Stanford Summit (formerly ASES Summit) is to bring together students from all across the world to engage in a week-long discussion about the future of entrepreneurial opportunities in the emerging economies of the Asia-Pacific region.

Following the fervor of the dot-com hype, we hope to provide insight into the businesses that have weathered the storm of a weak economy. Company visits and guest lecturers will offer Summit delegates different perspectives from various industries about what business practices contribute to success not only nationally, but worldwide.

After all this exposure to business trends, Summit delegates are encouraged to explore their own ideas. To better prepare delegates for their own ventures, we will expose students to the infrastructure available to provide services, such as venture capitalists, consultants, and lawyers.

Integrating their new knowledge, leaders from ASES organizations around the world will present a synopsis of the prevailing trends in their own national economy. The exchange of ideas and business practices is essential to the ASES and Summit mission.

The Summit fosters friendships among delegates from various schools and nations. Team building activities are implemented throughout the week, and delegates have the opportunity to work with a variety of people from diverse backgrounds. By bringing together students and allowing them to interact in an environment that encourages the entrepreneurial spirit, Summit hopes to nurture a valuable human infrastructure from which delegates will draw their inspiration.

Unlike larger conferences and all-encompassing organizations, Summit builds a unique global community by creating lasting friendships that are formed throughout the intense, yet rewarding, experiences at the Summit. At the Summit, the Stanford community and the ASES international delegation will come together to explore entrepreneurship through featured lectures and workshops led by veteran entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and academics; various networking and social events; and visits to several of the Silicon Valley’s top companies and start-ups.

The Stanford Summit 2009 is hosted by the Stanford chapter of ASES International and will be held April 6 - 11, 2009 at Stanford University in Stanford, CA USA.