Tip: Accessing Multiple Google Calendars on iPhones and iPads

by on September 12, 2010 at 2:23 pm

Given the proliferation of Google Apps use on campus, I thought some of you may find it helpful to know how to access your (multiple) Google Calendars on your iPhone/iPad.

If you setup access to your Gmail account using the “Gmail” account option (in Mail, Contacts, Calendars under Settings on your iPhone/iPad), you will notice that you only have access to one (your primary) Google calendar; and that there doesn’t appear to be any options to add access to additional calendars.

In order to gain access to your additional Google Calendars to which you subscribe/administer, you should visit the following URL (after having logged into your Google account):


Visiting the URL above, you will be provided a list of the calendars you created/administer (calendars under “My Calendars”), as well as those Shared Calendars to which you have access. Click the checkbox of any of the calendars you would like to access on your iPhone/iPad and Save your settings. Verify that you have access to the appropriate calendars on your iPhone/iPad.

If you have questions or run into issues with the brief instructions above, feel free to post them as a comment/reply below. Thanks! :-)

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