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iPad University: IT Lessons From College Pilot

“Instead of building a firewall and being like the Soup Nazi [from Seinfeld] so you can say, ‘No,’ you do it in a different way,” he said. “You normalize it by joining them, figuring out what they need, and educating them. Instead of being a geek in a basement creating access controls on a Cisco router, you participate.”

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Workshop – iPad: Reading for Research

Presented by Claudia Engel, Academic Technology Specialist Regina Roberts, Subject Bibliographer Carlos Seligo, Academic Technology Specialist A number of iPad software apps support reading, reviewing, editing, archiving, and sharing documents. The increasing popularity of the device among students and faculty raises questions about the usefulness of those in the context of research: How to manage [...]

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iOS Office Productivity Apps

While our campus has just recently adopted the Google Apps for Education suite of tools, Microsoft Office (i.e., MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint) has long been standard used by faculty, staff and students for producing documents, spreadsheets and presentations. And while I believe we’ll eventually see a decline in the use of MS [...]

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