iPad: Reading for Research – Papers app and application

by on November 1, 2012 at 10:24 am

On Monday the 29th I taught a workshop on iPad apps for research with Claudia Engel, Academic Technology Specialist for Anthropology, and Regina Roberts, Subject Bibliographer also for Anthro.  I presented Papers, an application for conducting research on the mac OS desktop and iOS for iPad and iPhone.  Paper is also available on a Windows desktop, though not yet for Androids.

The strength of Papers is in the diversity of searchable resources included — Pubmed, ACS, ADS, JSTOR, Google Books and Scholar, Web of Science, and many more – and its ability to scrape permanent links and bibliographic information out of Stanford licensed journals, and organize them locally for future searches.  Both the iOS and OS versions can browse and save pdfs, and sortable lists of Authors and Journals for the articles downloaded, and the the desktop–which is extensible in a variety of ways to help remember previous searches– will even build a virtual rolodex of Conference papers!  What’s more the app and application can be easily synched through bluetooth, so there is no need to worry if you have all your work on-the-go; and of course, any annotation notes and other updates to your research made on your mobile will also be updated when you come back home.  Though I have not explored Papers’ new “Unified Papers” option in depth, it promises to allow the search of and organization of documents, papers and books already on your desktop (and mobile) and the citation workflow has also been expanded with “Magic Manuscripts” in version 2.0.

For further questions, feel free to email Carlos Seligo at moth@stanford.edu





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