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Roambi for Data Visualization

Did you know that Stanford has site-licensed the data/business analytics and visualization tool Roambi and its publishing counterpart Roambi Flow? Join us next Wednesday, Nov 14 at 1pm, for a presentation on the software, mobile apps, and workflow used to create interactive mobile data visualizations using these technologies. ———– Tim Flood, formerly of Stanford and [...]

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Multiscale Apps

This article is cross-posted at the Digital Humanities Specialist site. With Apple’s retreat from their position disallowing the development of iDevice apps using Adobe AIR–fundamentally the same technology used in Flash on the Web–and the growth in Flash-supported mobile devices, the much -heralded and by many much-desired death of Flash has been postponed (or, to [...]

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The Ubiquitous Brain

More and more research has been looking into how the brain operates in a multi-tasking world. ┬áThe idea is not new, multi-tasking has been around well before the advent of the computer, it’s just become more a part of the modern world, down to our toddlers. A recent article in the New York Times points [...]

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