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About Us

The Baha'i Association at Stanford is a student organisation devoted to the Baha’i Faith, the study of its teachings and the promotion of its principles.

In line with the teachings of the Baha'i Faith, the Baha'i Association at Stanford works to promote the essential oneness of humanity; to foster a spirit of fellowship and love among all peoples; to break down the racial, religious and other prejudices that are the greatest barriers to peace and unity in the world today; and to bring about the betterment of the world through good deeds and service. A necessary element in effecting such a change being the individual, the Baha'i Association tries to nurture individual spiritual growth through the development of moral values and an upright character.

To these ends, the Baha'i Association at Stanford organises divers activities and events, including:

  1. study circles for the systematic study of Baha'i Writings and thoughtful discussion of spiritual, philosophical and sociological topics;

  2. devotional gatherings for sharing prayers and inspirational readings from all religious traditions in a peaceful setting;

  3. talks & lectures from guest speakers on relevant topics;

  4. service projects as a venue for transforming words into action;

  5. inter-faith collaborations to promote the basic unity of all religions;

  6. social events aimed at creating fellowship.

Membership is open to all. All who have an interest in the Baha'i Faith, irrespective of religious affiliation, are welcome to attend meetings and events.