A warm welcome to all the fresh faces on campus! The Blyth Fund is Stanford’s premier student-run investment fund, actively managing around $160,000 of the Stanford Endowment. As Fall Quarter begins, we have begun accepting applications for our Equity Analyst program. The program is targeted towards all freshmen and upperclassmen who have never had a significant involvement in the Blyth Fund and wish to be well-versed in finance and investing. The following is the timeline for our recruitment schedule this quarter:

Friday, September 25th 12pm-4pm, White Plaza: Activities Fair

Saturday, September 26th 7pm-9pm, Thornton 110: Information Session

Wednesday, September 30th 11:59pm: Equity Analyst Application Due

Sunday, October 4th, Old Union: Interviews

To apply, head to our Applications page.

2015 – 2016 Executive Team

As you may know, the Blyth Fund’s fiscal year ends in April. It will soon come time for the Fund’s annual leadership transition that occurs at the start of Spring quarter. This past weekend, Fund’s Board of Directors met to select a new Executive Team for the coming fiscal year in preparation for that time. We are excited to announce the Fund’s new leadership.

Calvin Yeoh, who as the current Vice-President of the Fund has been instrumental in leading it this past fiscal year, will take over as President. He will be aided by Vice Presidents Bang Nguyen and Reinier Theodorus Eenkema van Dijk, both of whom currently lead Coverage Groups within the Fund. Alessandro Greico, who also currently leads a Coverage Group, will take over as the Fund’s Head of Strategy Research. Udai Baisiwala and Jaewoo Jang will take over the Fund’s educational programs as its Heads of Development. Sen Lin and Andrea Wang will bring their substantial prior experience in recruiting roles to help the Fund grow even further next Fall. Lastly, Sid Grover will assume the role of the Fund’s Treasurer, bringing his past accounting and financial experience to managing the Fund’s books.

In summary, the full 2015-2016 Executive Team is shown below:


Note that because Calvin is going abroad to Oxford this Spring, Bang and Reinier will manage the majority of the Fund’s day-to-day operations in his absence. Calvin will resume full responsibility of day-to-day operations when he returns in the Fall.

Congratulations to the Fund’s new Executive Team, and we are excited to say that the Fund will be in great hands going forward. We feel completely confident that Calvin and the new Executive Team will do a tremendous job.


The 2014 – 2015 Blyth Fund Board of Directors

Our New Logo

We haven’t only been busy with pitches so far this spring quarter – we’ve redesigned our logo, as well.


Chartered in 1978, the Fund has been a staple of the Stanford community as the years have come and gone. What better way to represent our stability – and our commitment to growth – than with the iconic and powerful Stanford tree.

Hope to see folks at our general meeting tomorrow night at 7:30 in Thornton 110.

Winter Quarter Pitches

Throughout the week, four of our coverage groups gave pitches: Technology, Media & Telecommunications, FICC, and Healthcare.

On Tuesday, our Technology coverage group gave two pitches, one in favor of IBM and the other against it. Meanwhile, our Media & Telecommunications coverage group pitched Rig Net, a company that deals with communications for oil and gas rigs.

On Thursday, our FICC coverage group pitched VNQ, a Vanguard US REIT ETF. Our Healthcare coverage group pitched Acadia Pharmaceuticals, a biopharmaceutical company that develops medicines for neurological and central nervous system disorders.

Great job guys.




Market News Week of 2/15/15

Russia and Ukraine Conflict

The US is threatening more economic pressure on Russia if it doesn’t stop its intervention in Ukraine. What’s this conflict all about? A quick summary: Ever since the 1991 independence from Russia, Ukraine has always been split ideologically and culturally. Eastern Ukraine is culturally Russian, speaks Russian, and votes for pro-Russian politicians; western Ukraine is culturally Ukrainian, speaks Ukrainian, and identifies more with the European Union and other western countries. With this in mind, conflict arises since politicians in a democracy often cater to its constituents and alienate others. Pro-Russia separatists began rebelling against the government and Russia supported them in the endeavor. Ukraine began fighting back against the rebels, but Russia would arm the rebels with weapons, supplies, and even troops that would help them push back against Ukraine. The West (U.S and Western Europe) sees this conflict as a cold-war-esque geopolitical struggle since Russia is getting involved. Russia sees this as a sovereign right for Russians in Ukraine to seek to separate from a country that doesn’t represent their aspirations. Ukraine is a member of the EU; because of this conflict, it also wants the protection and membership in NATO as well.

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Talk on AI in VC

The Blyth Fund held its last speaker event of the quarter last Wednesday. Two venture capitalists, Zavain Dar from Lux Capital and Nan Li, Partner at Innovation Endeavors, delivered a lecture on how artificial intelligence has shaped the technology and venture capital industries. They currently teach the class Symsys 161, which focuses on this topic, and their talk gave a compressed summary of the first two thirds of that class’ most interesting material. It was a great time!

VC Picture

Last Tuesday, Faruk Abdullah gave us a talk about the workings of Applied Predictive Technologies (APT). Faruk helps clients leverage APT’s software platform and analytic best practices to support their top priority strategic objectives. As a Vice President, Faruk generates and leads client engagements to drive market adoption of APT’s products and services.  He also leads key internal APT initiatives such as developing our cross-sell strategy to increase clients’ utilization of APT’s full product portfolio.


Thanks for the great talk Faruk.



Market News Week of 2/8/15

“Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth” — Henry David Thoreau

Apple Cars

Apple’s “Project Titan” is working on electric cars. Recently, Apple has been poaching members of other prominent car companies. Given that Apple has the largest market cap in the world right now and has had a storied history in innovation, Apple’s foray into electric cars will definitely be a worthy challenger to Tesla and a compelling development to follow.

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Market News Week of 2/1/15

I’ve seen more people fail because of liquor and leverage—leverage being borrowed money. You really don’t need leverage in this world much. If you’re smart, you’re going to make a lot of money without borrowing  - Warren Buffet

Should you find yourself in a chronically leaking boat, energy devoted to changing vessels is likely to be more productive than energy devoted to patching leaks – Warren Buffet 

“Net Neutrality” is Obamacare for the Internet; the Internet should not operate at the speed of government – Ted Cruz

FCC and Net Neutrality

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