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Our research supports both clinical applications and general technical developments in MRI. Our technical developments are motivated by clinical applications, and we aim to translate all technical improvements into clinical use, so the two areas overlap substantially.

The BMR Group collaborates with researchers in the School of Medicine and the School of Engineering and is fortunate to have access to four whole-body MRI scanners at the Lucas Center.

Clinical Applications

Breast Imaging Breast MRI

Musculoskeletal Imaging Musculoskeletal MRI

Cardiovascular Imaging Cardiovascular MRI

MRI near metallic implants MRI near metallic implants

Abdominal Imaging Abdominal MRI

Technical Developments

RF Pulse Design RF Pulse Design

Reconstruction Algorithms Reconstruction Algorithms

Rapid Imaging Rapid Imaging

RF Coils RF Coils

Sodium MRI Sodium MRI

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If you are interested in a position in this research group, please see information for prospective students, which will answer many of your questions.

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