The Healthy Body Image Program provides a link to campus resources, outreach events, trainings,  and courses that foster a positive body image culture.

Wellness Education (ongoing courses)

WellnessEd courses are designed to inspire students to be the healthiest versions of themselves possible in the cognitive, emotional, social, and physical domains of wellness.  The program instructors teach students the latest research-based wellness ideas and strategies. Resourced with this learning, students are supported in applying these practical wellness strategies to their own lives, thereby transforming their quality of living and impacting their social spheres in positive ways. In short, courses train wellness change agents who change themselves in order to impact the world around them in meaningful ways.

WellnessEd Courses:

Stanford Medicine Center for Integrative Medicine

Mindful Nourishment a 9-week program draws on evidence based practices from the instructor’s research background on this subject to help you develop a healthy relationship to yourself, your body, and food. Some of the class topics include: food as medicine, surfing the ups and downs, the emotional brain, mindful relationships, look for the good, daring greatly, & compassionate change. Participants will leave with transformative changes aligned with living a fully nourished life.

Course Information: