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Stanford Culture -- an Introduction

Students in my Cultural Interfaces class are engaged in a really interesting project right now. They've been assigned to spend the weekend taking digital pictures of some form of "Stanford Culture." We're sharing those photos on Flickr, and then they're going to work together in class on Monday to create blog posts that share -- in words and images -- some aspect of Stanford culture with our CCR blog-readers.

I love the pictures that the students are posting -- If I had to make a blogpost on this topic, here are the ones that I would include: a series on the Red Fountain. The Red Fountain is located outside of Green Library, the largest library on campus -- and not only is it a unique landmark, but it also is a central stop in the Stanford practice of "fountain hopping". I find it fascinating that three separate students (out of 13) thought to include the Fountain in their selection of photos -- from an aesthetic treatment of the fountain ...


... to one that captures the moment and spirit of fountain hopping ...


... to a final picture, which a student entitled "Holi festival," showing the way that this Stanford landmark has become incorporated into an ancient cultural festival from India. That's a cross-cultural moment, for sure.


I'm excited to see what images and Stanford "cultures" the students focus on in their blogposts over the next few days.


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I enjoyed this blog because of the fact it bringsu p culture. Being in the cultural interfaces class has been thus far a unique experience in that many of us come from different cultures and all hae something that we can teach others about. Just as explained in this blog, Stanford itself has many different cultures intertwined into one which is something amazing.