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Travis and Natalia on Stanford Culture

This entry is part of a CCR blogging exchange between Stanford, the American University of Cairo, and Orebro University in Sweden. Students have been asked to post a "university culture" entry introducing something about their university culture (or national culture) to an audience of students across the world. Then, other students will comment and we will soon have a rich dialogue, as students develop ways of writing for international audiences and hopefully learn about ways of life across the globe.

We come from a variety of backgrounds and ethnicities. For instance, of our group of three students, one is from a public school in Indiana, another grew up in Taiwan, and another has moved 14 times between four countries. Stanford is a very active campus and has many student-athletes. The sun is almost always shining and we are always outside. We consider ourselves more laid back than our east coast peers; less competitive and more friendly. Everyone here is treated with the same respect. Even between boys and girls, different races and ethnicities, and different levels in school. Everyone is so excited to be here and to meet other people here. We present ourselves as people rather than a list of accomplishments. We tend to become good friends with people before we find out the amazing things they have done. As a community, we are a little quirky. For instance, Stanford student love to go “fountain-hopping” where we all run around and jump into fountains. We also have an annual tradition of “full moon on the quad” where everyone gathers and kisses as many people as they can.

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Natalia was in this picture you can see her hair and shoulder

Hey there Travis and Natalia! My name is Amr and I’m a student at The American University in Cairo (AUC). Here at AUC we also have people from many different countries including China, Australia and also U.S.A. The diversity in cultures is what Makes AUC different from any other university in Egypt. At AUC, you’ll find that each student is unique in his own way; you’ll find the extremely friendly, the extremely arrogant, the not so social and many other personalities. We may be different in race, class and personality but we all treat each other the same.

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