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Break Stereotypes About Russian Women

This post was written by students in the class of Olga Kovbasyuk at Khabarovsk State Academy of Economics and Law in Russia, for a focus on "Debunking Stereotypes. The purpose is to present a cultural stereotype and then try and challenge it, in order to reduce negative stereotypes."

When talking about foreign culture and customs, most of us follow the so-called common truth. But stereotypes are man-created and sometimes can be outdated or incorrect and very misleading.
For example, the laziness, drunkenness and bear-like zeal of Russian men, or the long-suffering, domesticated, stunning Russian women. These attributes, along with bad roads, dense forests, balalaikas and Russian wooden dolls (martrioshkas), are how people generally view the Russian culture.

Those who are intent on studying Russian women will normally obtain their sources from classical literature; forever alluding to the ladies as long suffering souls.

The chances are that these perceptions are accurate, or rather were accurate, in the last century. Now that we are already well into the 21st century, these 'customs' have changed significantly, especially in the larger towns. Cynicism, obstinacy and careerism have even blighted the characters of Russian women. It must be said, however, that this slight on the Russian woman's character has not penetrated as deeply as in America where it has become a way of life. In Russia, thank goodness, to be 'childfree' is still looked on with an air of disbelief for the simple fact that it is thought to be unnatural. After all, the most important quality for a Russian woman is to be natural and their ethereal beauty emanates from here. If a Russian woman wants to cry, well then she cries.

The best thing you can do in this situation is to try to stop these torrents of tears or, even better, prevent them from happening in the first place with gentle caresses and kind words. Russian women respond to soothing caresses like no other. They have immensely soft and kind and hearts, responsive hospitality and lively spirits.

This is not because the Russian spirit is as vast as the Pacific Ocean, but because in Russia it is the accepted behaviour. It is a tradition. Other traditions include happiness in motherhood and domestic affairs.

Be assured that from a very young age, young Russian girls are taught how to cook, even though it may only be fried eggs or Russian soup (borsch) with dumplings. It is well accepted norm that the lady of the house will maintain cleanliness and coziness, rearing the children and taking care of her husband. Depending on her situation she may sing, dance, relate anecdotes, keep a dog, weed the garden (although she may need help with cutting the grass), discarding the burnt-out lawn-mower and have no problem laying tiles in the bathroom. And, all this is done with a deep, traditional and unconditional optimism. How else can one survive in a country that has such a freezingly cold winter?

Somehow or another, many women in Russia have been predisposed to a humble temperament. This humbleness in Russian women is reminiscent of a tigress. And they have so much patience it is true. But, at the end of the day, the tigress is deeply self assured too. There is little point in testing a Russian woman's patience, because there is a limit before her natural and instinctive defense mechanism, zeal and might is displayed.

I will be straight with you. You will never get bored with a Russian woman. You will never have to eat food from a microwave. She will take care of the children as well as the bank account, bear annoyances yet impulsion too, be coy and also emancipated. Other good qualities abound. There is only one condition: you must love her, be gentle with her and talk to her about books, travel and sunsets. With warmth and affection Russian women truly blossom in their beauty and vitality. The whole world is likely to be drawn to this ray of sunshine.

So, you are looking for a wife, not a housemaid right? Well, Russian women are helpers, confidantes and would make excellent mothers for your children. They are beautiful, strong women with complex characters and healthy senses of humor, both in times of suffering and in times of joy.

A Russian woman is a woman with whom you can live peacefully. Russian women are Women: in the true sense of the word.


To continue the theme of your post,we want to attract your attention to our opinion about stereotypes about russian women.
Therе is a stereotype that all russian women want to escape from Russia!

If you searches the Internet for a Russian wife, you will be very surprised by the large number of Russian dating services. There are literally thousands of them on the Internet! Have you ever asked yourself; why that is?
Of course,many russian women marry foreign men and go away from Russia.It seems that all women want to do is to escape from Russia because Russia is in a very difficult social, political and economic situation. Maybe it was but now it is just a stereotype.

For almost seventy years, Russia was a very closed nation and outsiders (other nations), people did not have a opportunity to see other life.With the collapse of the Soviet Union, the opening of borders, the whole world astonishingly discovered just how beautiful, feminine, slender and educated, Russian women are! Foreign men were finally allowed to travel to Russia, and they saw, with amazement, the beauty and grace of the Russian woman. They looked upon these women just like kids in a candy store. The typical stereotype disappeared as quickly as melting snow in spring! Russian woman started to use this opportunity very actively-they only wanted to see the world!

The truth of the matter is, that the percentage of Russian women who are looking for their "foreign housband" is no greater than the percentage of women from western countries such as England, Canada, Australia and the United States .

Now that everything in Russia has changed. It is a country that is open to the world . Russian people want to live in their moterland, patriotism sent us with the milk of mother!

Every year there are growing opportunities for self-realization.Russia becomes more and more similar to the European countries. So russian women prefer to stay here,they marry russian men and live long and happy like in old russian tales))

Hello Khabarovsk!

I recognize the stereotypes about the russian bear-men and the suffering women from many places. It's is reassuring to know that the russian character holds more depth than the traditional vodka-drinking stereotype.

However, I think we've found a cultural difference. The parts describing modern russian women sound almost like stereotypes in themselves - are you saying these things are valid for all russian women?

The style and content somehow make me think of something like an advertisement for an "import-a-wife"-site. You start by claiming russian women are no longer housebound and melancholy, and then go on by declaring that russian women are the best in the world at everything and always, because they take care of their husbands and do not wish for anything else.

The statements about russian women being "blighted" with an opportunity to have a career and a means of supporting themselves almost have a sarcastic tone in our swedish ears - no-one here would consider having a job something that's negative.

Maybe we would understand more of this post if we knew who wrote it - are you male or female yourself?

While I find this very strange, I think your text can reveal a lot about our differences and has the opportunity to be very educational and productive with further discussion!

Christer Ekholm
Örebro Universitet

Wow, this description sounds like a description of a Swedish woman 50 years ago. Today Swedish women are working and are a part of society with the ability to influence decitionmaking. We expect our husbands to share household work equally with us. If the Russian women are doing everything, what's the point in having a man?

That was quite an amazing read o.o Russian seem to value the old-fashioned feminity, unlike here in Sweden where women during the last few decades, women have more and more turned masculine in behaviour and habits compared to how it has been traditionally. In turn, our men have become more more feminine, and are expected to help out with the domestic chores.
Well, I guess that what works for one nation doesn't have to work (or rather, rarely works) for another nation.

Ive only got a couple of days still to go, until our little baby girl arrives. When will my nesting instincts kick in.

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