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For New Partners

Stanford's Cross-Cultural Rhetoric Project continues to grow and expand, welcoming new partnerships both domestic and international. Below you will find some of the questions most frequently asked by new partners, as well as supporting materials and video overviews that answer them. Please feel free to contact the project at any time to request more information or to indicate your interest in joining our global collaboration.

What types of activities can classes participate in as part of a CCR exchange?

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  • video conferencing (workshop, class to class, guest speaker)
  • blog activities
What does a typical video conference exchange look like?

Overview Video. This clip offers an overview of a video conference experience from the perspective of Stanford students. It showcases the format, technology, and interaction typical of a CCR exchange. Click on the image to activate the clip. If it doesn't automatically play, either download Quicktime (free) from or save the clip to your desktop and then open using the media player (i.e. Real Media) of your choice. See more film clips.

What are the technological requirements for participating in a CCR video conference?

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  • video conferencing best practices
  • overview of marratech
What are examples of activities students could do during a CCR video conference?

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  • Thematic Discussion
How do classes use the CCR blog for cross-cultural exchanges?
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OVERVIEW: The CCR Blog provides a space for asynchronous global exchange where students can engage in dialogue with one another regardless of restrictions of time zone or class schedules. Participants can use the blog in one of two ways:

  • to facilitate a cross-cultural exchange with institutions that they cannot video conference with because of extreme differences in time zones (i.e. in place of a video conference)
  • to complement video exchanges conducted during class time, building a sense of connection between different groups of students who will be working together in globally distributed teams (i.e. in conjunction with a video conference exchange)

ASSIGNMENTS: Since its inception in January 2007, the CCR blog has hosted many types of assignments. Our Blogging Homepage provides links to some of our most current discussion threads. Below are a sampling of assignment sheets designed to accomplish a variety of pedagogical goals:

BEST PRACTICES & HOW TO: Over time, CCR has developed a series of best practices designed to help contributors to the blog get the most out of their experience. All new participants are strongly encouraged to review the best practices and to print out, adapt, and distribute the Blogging Instructions to their students as needed.

REQUEST A CCR BLOG ACCOUNT: To request an individual or class account to our blog, contact the CCR Technology Specialist, Christine Alfano (