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Christine Alfano
Technology Specialist, Cross-Cultural Rhetoric Project
Assistant Directory & Lecturer, Stanford University, USA

Christine Alfano has been a lecturer in the Program in Writing and Rhetoric since 1998. She holds a BA from Brown University and PhD from Stanford and specializes in digital rhetoric. In her recent PWR courses, "New Technologies of Identity" and "Cultural Interfaces," Christine challenges students to explore how writing in different technological modes (from traditional Microsoft Word documents, to blogs, threaded discussions, social network profiles, video blogs and wikis) transforms the modern practice of communication. She is currently developing a course on the Rhetoric of Gaming that she hopes will provide a novel and unique forum for bringing together students across the world through gameplay.

She has co-authored, with Dr. Alyssa O'Brien, three textbooks focused on writing and visual rhetoric; the most recent, Envision In Depth, came out in Fall 2007. In addition, Christine is the technology specialist for the Cross-Cultural Rhetoric Project, and spends much of her time helping students figure out how to best use technology to make meaningful connections across geographic borders.

Christine currently is one of the Assistant Directors for the Program in Writing and Rhetoric.