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Alyssa J. O'Brien
Project Director, Cross-Cultural Rhetoric Project
Lecturer, Stanford University, USA

As Project Director for CCR at Stanford, Alyssa J. O'Brien is grateful to be part of this collaboration with Sweden and with other countries from around the world. She has learned so much from her colleagues at the University of Örebro and from students she has met, in her classes and through video-conferences or blogs! Since the Cross-Cultural Rhetoric project began in its first pilot form in the fall of 2005, Alyssa has turned her research focus to intercultural theory, and she has developed several courses in Cross-Cultural Rhetoric, Globalization, and Advertising across the World. In addition to teaching these courses through collaborative connections with faculty colleagues at the University of Örebro, the University of Uppsala, National University of Singapore, the American University of Cairo, and the University of Sydney, Alyssa's responsibilities include serving as the Project Director, the Grant and Proposal Writer, the Report Writer, and the Data Analysis and Project Evaluation Coordinator for this important work.

Alyssa joined the Program in Writing and Rhetoric at Stanford University in July of 2001. Since then, she has co-authored seven books: two Instructor's Guide to Writing with the Project PI, Professor Andrea Lunsford (Bedford/St. Martin's, 2005, 2007), and five books concerning visual rhetoric with her colleague and friend, Christine Alfano: Envision: Persuasive Writing in a Visual World; Envision: Researching and Writing Arguments; EnvisionIn-Depth: a Reader, and two instructor's manuals. Before coming to Stanford, she taught creative writing, literature, and business writing at Cornell University, the Eastman School of Music, and the University of Rochester.

Alyssa's own life has been a cross-cultural experience. She grew up moving back and forth between the USA and Europe every 2-3 years, and she traveled extensively through Europe Asia, the Middle East, and the USA. She now lives in Half Moon Bay, CA. When she is not teaching or working on cross-cultural rhetoric, Alyssa enjoys hiking or surfing on the California Coast. Her other love is travel. Over the past few years, she has travelled through Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, China, Singapore, Indonesia, and most recently, Egypt, exploring international visual rhetoric at the intersection of extreme poverty and amazing multimedia innovation. She is current putting this field research into articles about international ad campaigns, and she looks forward to learning more about cross-cultural rhetoric from her colleagues and students in this project.